The Three Disneyland Moms' Pledge

Want to let Disney and the world know that you are committed to blogging with honesty and integrity?  
By taking The Three Disneyland Moms' Pledge,you are letting your readers, advertisers and Disney that you are dedicated to blogging with the very ideals and integrity Disney is known for.

As a Disney blogger I am dedicated to blogging with integrity and vow to:
  • never post rumors or items I know not to be true. If you are speculating on a new attraction, movie, etc., it is important that you clearly state that it is rumor or speculation and whenever possible, disclose where you got your information.
  • respect my audience and always be truthful in the ways in which I review and describe Disney experiences and products.
  • fully disclose sponsored posts and advertisements.
  • bring the fun and light side of Disney to my readers.  (This pertains to fan sites and blogs.)
  • report timely and truthful insight. (This pertains to news-related sites and blogs.)
  • write to the best of my ability and use the correct terms and phrases when reporting Disney news and information.
  • never take photographs or text from other blogs or sites without the owner’s permission.
  • be a friend to other Disney bloggers and fans, for we are part of a community, not a competition.
  • keep my blog current by posting on a weekly basis.

Take the pledge by:
  • posting one of the "I blog with Integrity" pledge buttons on your blog,
  • writing a post that links back to the pledge about why blogging with integrity is important to you, and
  • signing the pledge linky below.

 The Three Disneyland Moms Pledge  

 The Three Disneyland Moms Pledge

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